Seduce your senses

upboxIf you are looking to shake things UP and introduce mind-blowing, rip the curtains off the wall with your teeth sex, then UP Oil™ will have your soldier ready for action and leading the line to a better sex life.

Let’s face it, if you want to win the Grand Prix then you use a Formula One car not a suburban sedan, so why treat yourself any different?


Pure Performance Pleasure

UP is premium male virility oil. Specially designed to intensify the sexual experience, the natural plant enzymes and extracts in UP Oil are scientifically prepared to work directly on the penile tissue to create a lasting, deep erotic sensation that is fun, pleasurable and highly sensual.


upoil_1880Be Confident and take control

Current prescription products available on the market might offer you the bare essentials but not the deep sensual pleasure.

UP Oil™ is easily applied, so no taking nasty pills, and works to help ensure that you have a longer lasting, erotically sensual, higher sensation, sexual experience whether you are playing with a partner or on your own.

Clean, Compact & Convenient

upoil-pestalUP Oil™ is also NATURAL! That’s right! UP uses a combination of super sexy ultra-purified oils, developed in Australia and blended together to give you that ‘good and proper’ feeling whether you are a young bucking bronco or a little past your prime.

So easy

Simply massage UP Oil on the penis after your morning shower or before bed for a few minutes and you’re done. As UP Oil is not a lubricant, it won’t go on greasy and is easily absorbed and comes in three perfect sizes, ideal for your cabinet, gym bag or travel kit.D4098-Maxo-Page2

  • Lasting pleasure
  • More sensation
  • Erotically sensual
  • Imaginatively intimate

Make a good thing better with UP Oil

UP is the perfect product for guys who just want a sensual more intense experience. It can make things that feel great, feel fantastic. If you want the sensation of a more vibrant and exciting orgasm, adding a bit of chilli to your chocolate so to speak, then include UP Oil in your day.

Your’ll love what it does for you…