Bodcare Bundles

Intimacy Bundle – Unisex

USD $29.60

Intimate + BlissMist

A joyful combo of intimacy enhancement, stress relief and refreshment for the body and spirit. These two calming products remind us to pause and take in the moment.

Bliss-Mist is an instant pick-me-up, facial hydrator and refresher that’s aromatically pleasing.

Int-Mate, ignites passion, feeds inner joy, reduces tension and boosts mood. Easy to use and delightfully sophisticated

Intimacy Bundle for Men

USD $30.91

UP Oil + Primal, The Perfect Duo

Two high-quality, natural, male virility products, packed with a combination of libido-enhancing, ultra-purified ingredients, sourced in Australia and blended together to give you a longer lasting, erotically sensual, heightened sexual experience. Use individually or together.

These products work for men of all ages – for the young bucking broncos or the silver daddies and provides essential conditioning vitamins and minerals for men’s sexual functioning and health

Men’s Skin Care Bundle

USD $36.00

Clariti Cleanser and Moisturiser for Men

Time for the soap and water routine to be put to rest! The ravaging effects of city grime, air-conditioning, sun, wind and snow are very real, but our Australian product formulators know just the right natural ingredients to cleanse deeply, nourish and moisturize the skin. Look like you just had a professional spa treatment

Quality Australian Skincare at its best!

Women’s Skin Care Bundle

USD $36.00

Clariti Cleanser and Moisturiser for Women
Carefully formulated to counter the ravaging effects of city grime, air-conditioning, sun, wind and snow. This complementary combo delivers deep cleansing, nourishing, hydrating and moisturising properties from all-natural Australian ingredients.

Tested in the Australian Outback, Perfect on you!

Introducing Bodcare Wallet

Where you collect Reward Cash with every Bodcare purchase. Our gift to you.

How it Works

Every time you purchase a Bodcare product, you collect Reward Cash. The amount of cash you collect depends on your currency and the price and type of your purchase.

Use Bodcare cash toward future purchases and gift cards. For example if you’re Australian and have collected 10 units, the payment system will give you the option of deducting 10 Aussie dollars when you make your next purchase


Bodcare Loyalty Cards

Our loyalty program is discontinued in favour of the new Bodcare Wallet above. But don’t fear if you didn’t collect quite enough older cards to cash them in. Contact us about converting any outstanding loyalty cards into Bodcare Cash in your Bodcare Wallet.

Bodcare Wallet gives you the benefit of redeeming any amount of cash towards any purchase without having to collect and store paper cards. We think this is more environmentally friendly and convenient, and hope you do too!  

Bodcare team