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5 out of 5
2 customer reviews

Primal Bullet 10ml


Intense Male Virility Cream, Primal stirs your primitive core, leaving you erotically charged and ready for action. The powerful, lasting sensation is warm, tingling and highly sensual.

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Act on your instinct.

A super-charged, high-grade male virility cream.
Primal unleashes a pure primordial sexual punch you can feel. Designed for a much higher degree of arousal and sensation.
Perfect for guys who simply want a harder more intense experience. Its unlike anything else. Compact travel version.

You’ll love what it does for you !

  • Powerful & intensely sensual
  • Sustained lasting pleasure
  • Allows greater spontaneity
  • Perfectly measured dispenser
  • Convenient – natural – fun

2 reviews for Primal Bullet 10ml

  1. 5 out of 5


    Dear Bodcare Team,

    After about ten minutes from when I applied the PRIMAL cream a noticeable tingling sensation began. I honestly feel I’m a fairly experienced guy, the kind that walks with a confident swagger and have that “I’m good for that, no worries down there…” act on – well I’d like to tell you… PRIMAL certainly brought ‘EXCITEMENT’ into the ‘A LOT MORE BUZZ DOWN THERE + GOTTA BE NOW’ category

    When you think more is not possible – you’ll be surprised! I definitely recommend it for those times you want to spice it up, especially if you want to be discreet.
    Kind Regards

    Amish – theprofileshop.com.au

  2. 5 out of 5


    Hi Bodcare, Really liking your Primal. Didn’t know how it would go but I put it on after a shower, got dressed and went out for dinner.

    I felt it coming on and couldn’t really leave the dinner table for just over an hour. That was pretty cool.

    Cornwall UK

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