Beard Dye Black 40ml

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Premium Natural Beard Dye Bodcare BEARD colours your facial hair without the allergy causing redness and irritating chemicals. It nurtures and nourishes your facial hair. Kind to Beard - Kind to skin. The Worlds finest Natural Beard Dye. Up to 40 applications. Brush in and Go!. More info


Natural Hypoallergenic Beard Dye

Bodcare BEARD get rid of grey without the irritating chemicals that cause allergies and redness. Hypoallergenic, kind to your skin and beard. It nurtures and nourishes your facial hair and you’re in complete control of the strength of colour, wherever and whenever you want.  Brush in and Go!  Up to 40 applications.

Look younger naturally.

  • No harsh chemicals = No nasty reaction
  • Instant results
  • No mixing, easy to apply
  • More natural looking Beard
  • Kind to your beard – Kind to your skin
  • Brush in and Go

Smart choice for your beard

Additional information

Weight 89 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3.5 cm

8 reviews for Beard Dye Black 40ml

  1. Tony

    Thanks for the Beard,
    I’m writing because I’m happy and relieved as I am no longer taking allergy relief pills or using anti inflammatory, cortisone and barrier creams for shitty itchy red spots I had with the another beard dye.
    I want a smart look but not with all that reaction bullshit. It’s not as dark as id like it but it is far more natural looking. Keep up the good work..

  2. Stephen

    Hey guys, Thanks for your prompt attention ,and as far as I am concerned you do have an awesome product that has changed my life– so you are teetering on the brink of perfection !!

  3. Chris Uzomba

    I have a serious reaction using just for men. The reaction was so bad that that I was hospitalized. My dermatologist gave me a website and from there I tried 6 other companies and their product. It is only Beard black worked so well for with without any side effects. It is beautiful. i have used this product for a while and I recommend it to anybody that has the same experience as I have.

  4. Bradley Oliver Sr (verified owner)

    I have used various products that claim they are the best and no harsh chemicals or reactions…these claims have all been false as far as to when it came to my face and skin. This product has been a life safer.its been safe and gentle on my skin,I only use it on my mustache but it has not caused any reactions to my skin and I would recommend this product to anyone that has had a negative reaction to any other beard dye products. The only complaint I have is that it doesnt come in a larger container but I am very pleased that this company backs what they claim! Awesome product and great experience..Thank you!

    B Oliver

  5. Sacha

    This has always been the stand out performer from a raft of different products I’ve tried using. I started using the product a couples of years back and its been ever present. The product, I believe, has undergone a number of subtle changes which has improved the dye’s longevity and its so gentle on the skin. I love it. I can’t wait to get my hands on a fresh batch having just ordered another round. Thanks BodCare for the product and your fantastic after sales service.

  6. Matti

    This stuff is great. The first time I tried it, I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise myself. It took ten years off! I recommend the Bodcare beard dye to anyone who’s going grey a bit earlier than they want to!

    • Anthony Wallis (verified owner)

      Thanks for the note Mattie and for the pictures. The colour complimented you very well.
      Bodcare Team

  7. desmond ramasar (verified owner)

    Brought this to try as it had no harmful chemicals. It comes with a small brush that makes applying this really easy. No irritations from this product which is really great. The dye is liquid so can be messy but if you remove the excess from the brush as by wiping it on the inside of the tin, it makes applying it a lot easier, cleaner, also quicker to dry.
    I am very happy with this product and looks good, only downside while robust, it can wash out, but it has a high stay factor and is easy and quick to re-apply when needed

    • Anthony Wallis (verified owner)

      Hi Des
      Thankyou for your comment on the Beard Colour. I really appreciated it.
      You are correct, it is an instant beard colour that’s natural and can be washed out. As such it does not have those nasty burn in chemicals like some colorants.
      For the benefits of being naturally kind to beard and your skin, you can conveniently colour beard quickly any time you want without time of mixing and rinsing.
      Shortly we will be releasing our brand New line of new improved colours, and come complete with a fixative for extra bond.

      Kind regards
      Bodcare Team

  8. Russ Kalliecharan (verified owner)

    Love BODCARE Beard Dye!! I mix Dark Brown with Black to make a SPECIAL COLOR!! Looks fantastic!! LOTS of Compliments from Friends and Family!! 10/10
    Highly recommend this product!!

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