The Perfect Glide

SHAVE unlocks nature’s secrets so you can achieve the perfect irritation-free shave in a nutrient-rich, long-lasting, non-lathering, soap-free shave cream


SHAVE‘s luxurious moisturising properties of macadamia oil infuse the skin ensuring the perfect glide, giving you a soft close shave while keeping the pH level of the skin balanced. In combination with the regenerative and powerful antioxidant properties of Rosehip Oil, you couldn’t wish for a better shave cream that’s free from harsh soaping agents and foams.


Now make your face glow!

It will leave your skin feeling smooth, re-hydrated and refreshed.

Your face will thank you…

Rosehip Oil

High in Vitamin C, it penetrates the skin very quickly, making it a good moisturiser and with all the other positive properties, together with its tissue regeneration action, it is easy to understand why it is also described as the “oil of youth”.

Macadamia Oil

Hydrates the skin, is very similar in composition to skin sebum, and is therefore very gentle on skin, giving a silky luxurious feel.

The Benefits

  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Nourishes skin
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • No irritating soaps or foams
  • Outlasts up to 4 cans of foam

Your body smart essential for a 1st Class shave.

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