Rest easy with NITEMATE Sleeping Mist

As purveyors of total body care, Bodcare recognizes that relaxation and sleep deserve a higher priority in our lives.

Inspired by nature, Bodcare developed a superb night-time rest formula that utilizes not one or two active ingredients as is (commonly used) but contains several potent, natural Australian elements renowned for their soothing and nurturing properties.

Relaxation is a key for getting a good night’s rest and generally achieving a greater sense of wellness. NITEMATE helps create a restful aura around you as you prepare to sleep With Marjoram Oil & Verbena Oil.

Works Like a Dream

NITEMATE boasts a unique and inspiring blend of five of the world’s best natural elements such as Marjoram, Verbena, Lavender, Hyssop and Ylang Ylang, well known for their synergistic, relaxing and peaceful properties in perfect combination to help encourage a great nights rest. A simple spray or two on your pillow and or chest before turning out the light is all you need.

Marjoram Oil

Can be used to assist in mental and emotional relief. Relaxing yet uplifting odour of this oil, may help to clear away mental confusion and unwanted thoughts.

Verbena Oil

A light mist can encourage sleep with a warming and comforting odour. It can also be useful for treating tired aching muscles.

Rest Smart – Sleep Smart by Bodcare