Relaxation – the key to a good night’s sleep

At Bodcare, we advocate total body care. So of course we believe that sleep deserves a high priority in our busy lives.

We have found a balanced combination of herbal essences that offer the relaxation we need before we can drift into dreamland. Our superb night-time rest formula is inspired by Nature, with active ingredients known to induce sleep. A simple spray or two on your pillow and/or body before turning out the light is all you need to create a restful aura around you that will put you into the sleep zone.

A sleep-deprived society?

point where many of us now sleep in a light-filled purgatory with text messages and emails coming at us all hours. Meanwhile, a tribe of devices barrage us with sleep-limiting light pollution: laptops, computers, street lights, TVs, alarm clocks, phone chargers, appliances, and more—all glow and wink through the hours that our bodies crave complete darkness to get the best night’s sleep.

Much more than dozy, keeps us armored and strong

The victim of this 24-hour light cycle is melatonin, the hormone produced by the pineal gland and responsible for putting us to sleep and keeping us asleep. And melatonin does much more than make us dozy. It’s a powerful antioxidant, cancer-inhibitor and all-round hero in keeping our body armored and strong—giving immune support, hormone balance (and healthy reproduction), protection against brain-aging, and lots more.

Luckily, there are natural ingredients to help us relax, get to sleep, and get our bodies to make that melatonin. And, by the way, keep those devices out of your bedroom!

Inspired by Nature, an invitation to dream

NITEMATE is a unique and inspiring blend from five of the world’s best natural, sleep-inducing plants. We have developed a perfect combination of relaxing and calming ingredients to carry you to the threshold of a great night’s sleep.

Marjoram Oil: Assists in mental and emotional relief. The relaxing yet uplifting scent of this oil clears away mental confusion and unwanted thoughts.

Verbena Oil: A light mist of verbena oil encourages sleep with its warming and comforting scent. It is also used to treat tired, aching muscles.

Lavender Oil: Lavender increases slow-wave sleep, helping to slow the heartbeat and relax the muscles. This effect has been verified by researchers monitoring sleep cycles with brain scans.

Hyssop: This plant is used in herbal medicine for a variety of effects, including its mild sedative properties.

Ylang Ylang: This potent plant native to Australia is renowned for its soothing and nurturing properties. It helps you fall asleep faster and alleviates stress and anxiety

Rest Smart, Sleep Smart. With NITEMATE Sleeping Mist

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