Face the world with a younger beard

Are you looking for a better way to hide the grey? Why let those pesky grey hairs stop you from looking as youthful and virile as you feel? Introducing Bodcare Natural Beard Dye, our answer to saying farewell to the little blighters!

Made from the highest quality natural ingredients, BEARD has been formulated to put the colour back into your beard without the harsh results caused by chemicals!

Colour without redness

Natural Beardye by Bodcare is a 100% natural mineral based beard-dye so you won’t have to deal with the skin irritants of harsh synthetic chemical based alternatives.

No nasty side effects of – redness, itchy allergic rash, scaling, possibly open sores and hives that sometimes go on for days or weeks – not pretty.

Look good, feel great naturally

Being a premium NATURAL product, BEARD may require repeated use to obtain maximum effect. There can also be some partial run off in the shower but honestly that is a small price to pay for not having to deal with allergies and chemicals. It is a dye and not a cover. The colour results are instant. With each application the hair follicle takes in more dye, so after a few days of applying it builds up, so you can likely go for a few more days without colouring as your beard now holds some nice natural colour. It has a very high stay factor through gym, work, eating, sleeping, sex and any other masculine activity. Bodcare Natural Beard Dye utilizes natural soothing properties of Chamomile, Honey, Hazelnut and Aloe Vera.

Confidence, Control, Convenience

With BEARD you are in complete control of the rate at which your beard regains its colour. BEARD doesn’t have to be mixed. It comes ready to apply with our nifty applicator brush, easy instructions and is available in three natural colours – black,  light brown and rich brown. Results are instant and no rinsing is required which is also perfect for touch-ups on the go.

So easy:

  • No harsh chemicals = No nasty allergic reactions
  • Instant results
  • More natural looking
  • No mixing so it’s easy to apply
  • 40 + applications for the average beard

Make-up artists

Beard is used successfully by makeup artists in theatre, television, fashion, Satisfaction_Guaranteedmagazines and production houses, due to its simplistic quick dry application and instant colour results. Our chemical free, sweat resistant formula allows maximum freedom.

Good grooming for the everyday man made easy.