Bodcare men’s moisturiser

Moisture it is a contemporary men’s moisturiser. Light to medium, non-greasy and irritation free. It absorbs quickly and will leave your skin feeling smooth re-hydrated and refreshed.

With a passion for effective natural goodness, Bodcare presents you with a unique, quality moisturiser allowing the lungs of your skin to really breath.

Image for Womens MAXO ORIGIN origin iStock_000008385706_LargeMoistures origin

Created from the highest-quality skin rejuvenation ingredients available, men’s moisturizer contains shea butter extract from the Karite tree, Grape seed extract, Rosehip oil, Avocado oil, Organic honey as well as the powerful Australian age resisting properties of Kakadu Plum extract, Lilly Pilly and Quandong extract to name a few. These ingredients are incredibly effective and some are native to the outback regions of Australia.

Scientifically resourced & clinically proven

There are a number of articles in pharmacological journals that attest to moistures powerhouse of vitality-enhancing and skin-boosting properties that delivers excellent visible results.

Face it is free from any sunscreen as there are many times when you don’t want to have these type of additives on your skin such as night time.

Healthy glowing Complexion

  • Soothing Australian sea Kelp
  • No potentially irritating sunscreen
  • Moisturising Shea ButterAnti-Ageing-Hydration-1-20151201-194708832
  • Fights photo ageing
  • Nourishes and restorative
  • Non greasy formulation
  • Non perfumed

Passion for quality

Our R & D team have really outdone themselves in formulating one of the finest and unique moisturizers you could ever use on your face. Use day or night for exceptional results.

After all, it’s our front door to the world, so we need to look after it. At Bodcare, we believe that health maintenance and great skin care should be part of everyday living.

Good skin maintenance should be your way of life.