Arouse Your Senses

Since the dawn of time, men and women have used fragrances from exotic plants to entice and to be enticed. At Bodcare, we have bottled some of these exotic mysteries into a spray that stimulates our human urges to love, to romance, and to experience sensual pleasure. We call this spray, “Inti-Mate”.

Inti-Mate is a magical spray for women and for men, designed to evoke desire, lift the spirits, and set the mood for intimacy. Whatever adventure awaits, be sure to spray a little Inti-Mate to create the mood and the ambience.

The Mystery of essential oils & romance

Inti-Mate is a unique mix of subtle but potent aromas know to entice the senses and set the mood. No pheromones are used, only natural ingredients, including essential oils such as:

Blood Orange: This essential oil smells divine, and also has many health benefits, including as a well-known antidepressant and aphrodisiac.

Ylang Ylang: The sweet, floral scent of this tropical plant is known to improve mood and energy. It has aphrodisiac qualities as well, which may be the reason why it is used in legendary perfumes such as Chanel No.5.

Lavender: A small pinch of this versatile herb calms the nerves and enhances relaxation so you can slip into the mood.

Sensual Support

  • Ignites passion
  • Invokes Inner joy
  • Reduce tension
  • Boost mood and energy
  • Convenient spray bottle
  • Great romantic gift

Field tested

We took Inti-Mate to nightclubs, cafes, and restaurants in two cities straddling the globe, Sydney and Toronto. We did not tell people about what the product was for, but just watched their reaction. The results were fun and interesting: all participants loved the scent, both men and women, and a few came back for another whiff (and another). They couldn’t get enough of the unique and pleasing scent.

Seductive Joy

Inti-Mate has different effects on different people. It doesn’t change people, it just helps them relax, be happier, and more open to intimacy. Spray it in the room, on the pillow and sheets, and perhaps on your body and clothes— and let the magic work. You are setting the mood for intimate adventures and setting the stage, perhaps, for a night to remember.

Prepare to entice, and be enticed

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