Spray Fresh!

If you suffer from dry, taut skin or just need an instant pick-me-up, then a few sprays of FRESHME will have you looking and feeling fantastic.

FRESHME is created from nature’s mystical properties hidden deep within the Australian wilderness. Kakadu Plum, Quandong and Lilly Pilly have been expertly blended to deliver a powerful antioxidant which refreshes and rejuvenates.

Vitamin Enriched Goodness

freshfruitFRESHME harnesses the power of Vitamin C and other super fruit compounds to keep you looking as fresh as a daisy. The powerful antioxidant formula helps prevent the breakdown of collagen, keeping your skin looking and feeling young. The subtle aroma is very pleasing and distinctly Australian.

Quench Your Skin

This incredible product is alcohol-free and helps to re-balance PH levels. It makes for a refreshing and rejuvenating spritz anytime of the day and is conveniently sized so you can take FRESHME anywhere.

With FRESHME at your disposal, you can forget about the effects of air conditioning or long flights. With just a few sprays of FRESHME you will look and feel great!

Quench Your Skin

  • Superior hydration
  • Instant pick-me-up
  • Beautifully nourishing
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Encourages good complexion
  • Perfect for offices or flights
  • Good for all skin types


This amazing native peach-like fruit, helps to lock in essential moisture. Its abundance of Vitamin C and essential fatty acids promotes a very good complexion while moisturising and nourishing!

Kakadu Plum

floKakadu Plum is considered a super fruit; it contains the world’s highest concentration of Vitamin C as is packed full of 50 health promoting nutrients! These all help to rejuvenate the skin and repair UV damage.

So if you are looking to say goodbye to wrinkles, sun damage and feel alive, then look no further! Nature truly does know best.

Quench your skin!

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