Turn up the heat

ENDGEL is a natural herbal gel for anal pleasure and comfort, designed to turn up the heat with unforgettably heightened sensations.

This feels good the moment it is applied. Just a small amount of ENDGEL rubbed on the outside of the anus will have you aching to begin. Use ENDGEL prior to using a good quality lubricant to take your sessions unbelievable new levels of confidence and pleasure.

Like other BODCARE products, ENDGEL uses natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals. Available in two sizes, the pocket sized pump dispenses just the right amount, leaving you in control of the quantity you need.


Did you know?

The anus is richly-supplied with nerve endings, making it an extremely sensitive part of your anatomy. Being right next door to your genital pleasure zones means that paying attention to both areas can heighten your sexual experience. Maybe you associate anal sex with pain and discomfort? Let me dispel that myth and not only dispel it, but introduce an all-natural product that will ensure the anus is always worthy of your attention.

EndGel is not a lubricant – you’ll want some of that as well, but rather is designed to stimulate the anal pleasure receptors and nerve endings to heighten arousal and intensify orgasm. Anal sex with EndGel can add an exciting and new dimension to your sexual repertoire if you have never gone there before. If you’re experienced in the art of anal play, EndGel will take you to new heights of pleasure and sensation. Whether you’re gay or straight or simply playing on your own, make sure you play with the carefully formulated, stimulating ingredients of EndGel.

Jan Roberts, B,Pharma (Hons) Dip Clinical Nutrition

Get ready for the ride of your life

This seductive, quick acting, silky-smooth gel feels good, and prepares the tissues in and around the anus to make penetration feel great, not uncomfortable. It enhances pleasure and sensation, without numbing or damaging the tissues.

The added comfort and heightened enjoyment you get in this erogenous zone means your sessions will be longer, harder, and you will have a new level of confidence. Veteran or novice, you will appreciate the additional support.

The best on the market

We believe ENDGEL is the best anal conditioning comfort gel on the market. It has been tested on many, has a loyal customer base, an gets glowing reviews from users and bloggers.

  • Quick acting
  • Increased pleasure
  • More intimacy
  • Natural ingredients
  • Compact, portable
  • Apply before lubricant

Experience New Levels!

The Ultimate Duo!

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Is ENDGEL a lubricant?

No. ENDGEL is not a lubricant as it is formulated differently, is used differently and it has a different action. It is a moisturising cream and you would use a good quality lubricant after ENDGEL has had a chance to be absorbed and always practice safe sex.

When do I apply Endgel?

Apply the gel a few minutes prior to anal penetration, massaging it into the tissues surrounding the anus. Apply a good quality lubricant prior to intercourse after ENDGEL has had a chance to be absorbed.

How often should I apply?

This is a very individual thing, with some clients enjoying several applications at one session, while others report one application to be sufficient for their enjoyment.

Does ENDGEL deaden sensation?

On the contrary, ENDGEL feels good on and can thrust your enjoyment to unbelievable new levels. We don’t want to deaden an area. We want to maximize comfort and pleasure and add a level of confidence to the intimate art of anal play.

Is Endgel compatible with condoms?

ENDGEL has no effect on condoms. The practice of safe sex is always recommended.

Is Endgel compatible with lubricants?

Yes. Use a good quality lubricant after ENDGEL has had a chance to be absorbed.

Does Endgel have an expiry date?

Best used within three months from the date of opening the pump.

Can ENDGEL help enhance my sexual technique?

The enhancement of the art of anal play was the simple reason for the product’s development.


Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin. If you experience irritation, wash off. If this effect persists or a rash develops, discontinue use and consult your health care professional.

Store below 25 degrees Celsius.

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