It starts with a touch…

CARESS_bottleIn the modern day world we are thrust between our jobs and home life, multitasking the day to day joys of being a mother, a colleague, a partner and a role model. And yet the thing we forget about the most is our own pleasure and sensuality. Combine this with the trials of menopause and libido-lowering drugs and well, let’s face it, do you have the time for sexual pleasure?

It’s a case of, “I want to but I just couldn’t be bothered.”

Help is here!

CARESS is here to help. CARESS is a high-quality sexual wellbeing gel for women, specially designed to help increase arousal and sensual enjoyment.

It truly is one of the best feminine support gels
available on the market today! This sensual and
luxurious pleasure gel will have things that feel
good, feeling great and things that feel great,

feeling fantastic!

CARESS is compact and convenient and the
pocket sized pump means that you can take
it anywhere.

Sensual, seductive and discreet

petalThis seductive, silky smooth gel feels good on and is sensual and fun. The soft gel is quick acting and contains no harmful ingredients if ingested. There is no need to worry about applying too much, with the perfectly measured airless pump dispenser, you are in control.

Re-introduce your sensual self

So consider CARESS as your little helper. Whether you are multi-orgasmic or have difficulty achieving climax or if you simply want to increase the intensity, CARESS can ignite your imagination and re-introduce your sensual world.

Inspired sensuality just for you…

  • Better sex – better life
  • Compact & convenient
  • Quick acting
  • Highly sensual