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In today’s world, women multitask for their lives. So when you do manage to make time for yourself and your partner, could we offer a little extra help? CARESS is a high-quality sexual wellbeing gel. A small amount applied to the vagina goes a long way to increase arousal and expand sensual enjoyment. This luxurious gel will make things that feel good feel great – and things that feel great feel out of this world.

Did you know?

Stress triggers the well known, ‘flight or fight’ response and a flood of hormones, which disappear quickly when you fight or flee. But in today’s society, adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol and other hormones are constantly produced with ongoing, long-term stress a significant factor in a host of health conditions. In my work I know only too well that stress is a fertility killer and can have a hugely negative impact on a baby in the utero! But there’s a simple solution!

Less well-recognized and until recently, poorly-studied is another hormonal pathway that is the exact mirror opposite of the adrenaline cascade. Oxytocin is known to obstetricians and gynecologists as the hormone that makes the uterus contract during labour, and stimulates the let-down reflex during breastfeeding.

But oxytocin is also produced at orgasm. It promotes calm, connection, bonding love, and intimacy. It directly counteracts the fight and flight response, reducing stress levels, and also promoting production of growth hormone, which is important for healing. Satisfying sex and nurturing touch (no need for a professional massage) are great oxytocin stimulants – make sure you get your daily dose.

Jan Roberts, B,Pharma (Hons) Dip Clinical Nutrition

Find your sensual side

This seductive, silky smooth gel is quick acting. It feels good the moment you apply it, evoking a happy aroused feeling of satisfaction and desire. It contains no harmful ingredients, so there is no need to worry about applying too much, and you are in control of quantities, thanks to a perfectly measured airless pump dispenser that prevents waste.

Consider CARESS to be your ticket to explore new sensual worlds that may well lead to an intense climax (or two or three). Wherever your journey leads, we hope it reignites your imagination.

For your pleasure

CARESS is a high-quality sexual wellbeing gel that increases arousal and expands sensual enjoyment. Its compact sizes and pocket sized pump means that you can take it anywhere.

  • Increased sensation
  • Deeper arousal
  • Quick acting
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Compact & convenient
  • Pocket sized pump
  • Apply before lubricant
  • Australian Made

Explore New Sensual Worlds!

What is it?

Caress is a sensual and luxurious pleasure cream for women. Remember, good sex is good for you and is one ingredient to a happy healthier you.

Is CARESS a lubricant?

CARESS is not a lubricant as it is formulated differently, is used differently and it has a different action. It is a nourishing cream that can be used any time of the day and not required prior to, or during, sexual intimacy. Always use a good quality lubricant after CARESS has had a chance to be absorbed.

How do I apply Caress?

Apply a pearl size portion to the underside of the clitoris before sexual activity. Apply and gently massage only to skin (eg clitoris, labia) but not to mucosa, vagina or rectum. Use regularly for best results. Use it prior to lubrication. Caress can easily become part of your foreplay technique.

How often should I use Caress?

This is a very individual thing, with some clients enjoying several applications at one session, while others report one application to be sufficient for their enjoyment.

Is it compatible with condoms?

Yes, absolutely. The practice of safe sex is always recommended.

Does it have an expiry date?

Best used within three months from the date of opening the pump.

Can Caress enhance intimacy?

Unquestionably and the enhancement of the art of intimacy was the simple reason for the product’s development.

Are there any side effects?

With Mother Nature as our inspiration there are no known side effects, just pleasure. Any sensitivity to one of the ingredients may be treated by washing the cream off. Caress has a soft wild berry flavour and has no known side effects.


Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin. If you experience irritation, wash off. If this effect persists or a rash develops, discontinue use and consult your health care professional.


Caress is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or any know condition.

Store below 25 degrees Celsius

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