Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to a blast of freshness. BlissMist is an anti-stress spray that calms frazzled nerves and nourishes the skin with its natural revitalizing ingredients. The long-lasting light, subtle unisex fragrance comes from citrus, native Australian plants and essential oils that calm the nerves even as they nurture the skin.

When You Need a Rebound

BlissMist repairs and nurtures your skin from the days battles. This product is alcohol-free, and its unique formula helps to restore pH levels. We have harnessed the power of Vitamin C and other super fruit compounds to keep you looking fresh. A powerful antioxidant formula helps stop the breakdown of collagen, to keep your skin looking and feeling young.

Skin Smart

  • Perfect for offices or flights
  • Convenient portable size
  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Nourishes your skin
  • Anti-stress pick-me-up
  • Cheerful unisex fragrance
  • Superior hydration
  • Good for all skin types

Chock Full of Nature’s Bounty

BlissMist uses trued and tested natural Australian ingredients, including fruits hidden deep within the Australian wilderness long known to hold mystical healing properties. We have expertly blended them all to deliver a powerful blast that refreshes and rejuvenates.


This native peach-like fruit from the desert is loaded with Vitamin C and essential fatty acids that lock in essential moisture and nourish the skin

Kakadu Plum

This super fruit contains the world’s highest concentration of Vitamin C, and packed full of 50 other health-promoting nutrients that all help to rejuvenate the skin and repair UV damage.

Lilly Pilly

This fruit is full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential minerals that help improve the firmness of skin and protect it from stress and aging.


BlissMist also uses grapefruit and other citrus fruits to give a characteristic instant pick-me-up.

Fight the Stress. Protect your skin!

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