Behind the design of our new facial cleansing products

Authors: Markham Lane and Jan Roberts

As regular Bodcare customers already know, the Bodcare brand is synonymous with producing high quality, all natural, Australian made personal products.

Motivated by your invaluable feedback, our aim is to take the ‘body smart’ approach to product development of all our products. We’re determined to produce an essential range that works in synergy with your desire for safe, natural, wellness-enhancing and effective.

The Bodcare team of chemists and pharmacists apply this principle at the beginning of the product development life cycle and continue to make refinements over time, to provide all our customers with the opportunity to live a healthier existence, while looking and feeling the best they can from the inside out.

Throughout 2014, we received countless requests to develop a new facial cleanser product, to go with our daily Moisture product. So, in late 2014 we began by asking; “how can we produce a facial cleanser of the highest quality, that customers will rave about to their friends?” We started by testing the market.

Are Facial Cleansers Good For Your Skin?

In working what constitutes a great facial cleanser, we quickly learnt that most facial cleansing products are designed to strip away your skin, using alcohols, harsh chemicals, micro-beads or fruit acids. These ingredients work by actually destroying the cellular structure of your skin by removing a dermal layer – thereby speeding up the ageing process of your skin cells. Naturally we asked why this was necessary.

We also discovered that parabens is an ubiquitous ingredient in cleansers as well as other products. For individuals with normal skin, parabens are a mostly-harmless synthetic preservative, found in shampoos, shaving gels, make-up and topical pharmaceuticals. But skin is porous – so clearly an issue exists with the ingredients that are topically applied. Naturally we have to ask the question; “would I eat this substance?”

Face Facts 

Fact is, facial skin is far more absorbent than skin on other parts of the body, so this question became doubly important since we are developing a product for the face!

Further facts –  as a preservative compound, parabens applied to the skin can actually get stuck and block pores – essentially polluting them with a highly acidic, salty substance.

Studies have also found that once parabens are exposed to UVB sunlight, a chemical reaction occurs that increases skin ageing  and damages DNA!

We also discovered that in people with sensitive skin, and in those susceptible to allergies, parabens can cause skin irritations like dermatitis and rosacea. Not surprisingly, in Europe must not exceed 0.4% of the total ingredients list. list.

Developing a Facial Cleanser That Dares to Be Different

We dared to develop a solution to these problems – a solution that challenges the standard convention in facial cleansing. We now have a product to deeply cleanse the skin while nourishing it, not destroying it,  using a unique combination of all-natural Australian ingredients. It’s a radical rethink and we’re pretty proud of our new exclusive formula.


Clariti has been specifically designed to deeply nourish skin as it works naturally to remove modern day pollutants and impurities. With rich antioxidant properties and organic compounds designed to maintain cell volume and fluid balance at a cellular level, Clariti won’t dry out or damage your skin as it cleans.

Very special ingredients that benefit your face enormously include;

  • Kakadu Plum – derived from the bark of this Australian native tree, it contains the worlds richest concentration of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant with antibacterial qualities.
  • Quandong – also known as the Australian Desert Peach, it too contains antibacterial and skin-healing properties and quantities of Vitamin C.
  • Avocado Oil – well known to contain regenerative and moisturising qualities with high concentrations of Vitamin E.
  • Clariti for Women also contains a delightful lite fragrance using essential oil of lavender
  • We replaced Lavender with Tea Tree Oil for our men’s product, included for it’s antimicrobial properties, and ability to treat dermatological conditions. We also added Coconut Oil, a dry skin moisturiser.

Clariti Facial Cleansing in Your Daily Routine

Clariti is a concentrated gel-like substance; packaged in a stylish and convenient pump pack that delivers the exact quantity you need to clean your face on a daily basis.
The 100mL variation is designed to last for a 1-2 months for anyone who uses make-up or sweats a lot and needs to cleanse his or her skin twice daily.
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About the Author
Markham Lane is an author and content designer based in Sydney who loves to promote really cool stuff. Jan Roberts helps out with her keen authors eye and red pen 🙂

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