Reinvigorate your skin with our award-winning natural skincare products, loaded with powerful anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. We use exclusive extracts from the Australian Outback, from plants known for their potent abilities to heal and nurture your skin. Cleanse and moisturize your skin, with a helping boost from Nature.

Our men’s grooming products are designed to condition your skin, not damage it with harsh chemicals. We took years to create a hypoallergenic beard and moustache dye that will not burn, dry, or irritate your skin. Or, if you’re the type of guy who would rather shave, use our soap-free shaving cream, containing restorative macadamia nuts. Keep your look fresh, without compromising your skin.

Live your life fully with our natural sleep supplements, and health and wellness boosters. Our unique safe formula for men harmonizes your body to support testosterone production and deliver the natural benefits – endurance, libido, physical strength, bodily rejuvenation. Our formula for women supports healthy hormonal balance to bring more vitality, joy, and youth. It’s time to take charge of your wellbeing and live the adventure again!

Experience a new level of sensual arousal with our boutique selection of intimate gels, oils and sprays— customized for men, for women, for everyone and to enhance all the types of intimacy you crave. Our products are sourced from natural erotic stimulants, effective and completely safe to use. Prime your body and mind. Be charged, be ready.


Bodcare is one of the most promising healthcare companies I’ve come across in a long time. Its integrated product line satisfies the rigorous requirements consumers now demand from their herbal and health supplements. The company’s passionate focus on natural products, health and the environment, helps position Bodcare as a company to watch in the global healthcare market, where health-seeking consumers are losing confidence in the more conventional pharmaceutical solutions.

Dr John Stephenson,

M.O.C., BSc(Hons), MSc, MBA(OU), Dmed Sci, USMLE Royal Society of Medicine Fellow (UK) and Health Industry Consultant

After a 20-year career within the men’s grooming industry the one thing I am most proud of is that I have been able to conserve my integrity. It’s simple really – I only recommend products that I believe in. I have praised the Bodcare range for over a decade now, and I’ve been proud to be associated with “UP Oil” for many reasons. Yes, it’s Australian made! Yes, it’s made with all-natural ingredients! Yes, it’s environmentally aware! But, these features are second to the number one reason I love Bodcare and the ONLY reason I recommend UP Oil and other Bodcare products to my readers – the stuff works!

Will Fennel,

“The Grooming Guy”,  Beauty and Grooming Expert, Media Presenter and Writer

The Bodcare range is an innovative and natural approach to treating patients. We have worked with the intimacy range in particular, and have observed that it works for people with low libido, arousal disorders or related sexual health dysfunctions

The Bodcare Team complements their offerings by a highly professional and engaging service that help us to support treating physicians and their patients.

Amish Kenji

Managing Director, Profile Medical Devices Pty Limited